What One Should Understand About Hard Drive Degaussing

 However, this is not true. Fact is that the data is still in the drive. All you actually do when you delete  such info is to destroy the path leading the actual information. Nonetheless, one can still be able to erase info completely from their hard drive.  You can actually erase data from your computer using three different techniques. You can erase the hard drive using a hard drive eraser, you can physically destroy the drive, or you can do what is known as degaussing.

Degaussing is simply permanent erasing of data. Degaussing is very popular considering the amount of sensitive information the needs to be permanently erased by various organizations. This method is unique compared to other methods. Unlike deleting and formatting, degaussing completely clears information by the use of a special technique. Here are some things you need to know about degaussing of a hard drive. Know how do degaussers work here!

makes Use of Magnetic Fields

Elimination or decrease of a magnetic field is what is termed as degaussing. This means it requires magnetic fields in order to erase information from magnetic storage devices such as discs and tapes. A fine coating of chromium oxide and iron oxide sometimes exists on the tape. During this degaussing process an intense magnetic field is generated. It is the intensity of this magnetic field that aids in permanent removal of the information stored on the iron oxide coating or the chromium oxide. The data stored on a disc is therefore destroyed completely because the magnetic field of the tape is changed. previously recorded data is either removed or randomized during degaussing. This is why the data can never again be recovered.For further details regarding hard drive degaussing, check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fpw3mK5uOvE .

Safety Concerns

Degaussing does not cause any harm to people's health according to the World Health Organization. This is particularly with regard to one's exposure to the magnetic fields during the process.

How Fast It is

The process of degaussing might sound complicated and slow. However, contrary to what the name sounds like the process of erasing data is quick and simple.

Difference from Hard Drive Eraser

As previously mentioned, degaussing requires the use of magnetic fields to help neutralize degauss hdd magnetic charge. Conversely drive erasing is where data that is on a drive is overwritten so many times that it becomes impossible to access decipher or restore forensically. In essence, there is actually no erasing that goes on in the process.